TENALEA is the acronym under which two EU funded projects,TENALEA-MV (Market Validation) and TENALEA-ID (Initial Deployment) were conducted between 2003 and 2011. Both projects were conducted by a consortium of a dozen European Academic Clinical Trial Coordination centers. During these projects a cloud based service model was designed, deployed, validated and audited and a distributed support infrastructure was setup. TENALEA now provides industry grade, validated services for patient randomization, screening, drug supply management, electronic Case Report Forms, electronic Patient Reported Outcome and Interactive Voice Response.

Today, TENALEA is an academic community sharing a cost-effective, validated, fault-tolerant, multi-tenant SaaS based service, on standard terms which support collaboration, within clinical research units across Europe, including units in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. FormsVision BV, registered in the Netherlands, is a spin-out of the TENALEA-ID project and provides access to TENALEA services.

Most of the TENALEA services are based on the ALEA® software suite. ALEA® has been developed over the last two decades by a consortium of European Academic Clinical Trial Units chaired by the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, NL. ALEA® has been used in over 400 trials by over 40 Clinical Trial Coordination centers throughout the world. FormsVision BV has been assigned the exclusive licence to ALEA® for further deployment and employs the development team originally responsible for the ALEA® product development.

Please note that TENALEA services are available to the Not for Profit Research Community, Academic customers and public entities.  Queries regarding ALEA® services for other researcher should contact FormsVision at info@formsvision.com


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